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Though immensely frightening to face what one has long repressed, there can be no way forward without first looking back.

Following his dismissal, Kabin contacted Joni to write his story.


The response to the play has been overwhelming.


The two remain good friends.


Kabin Thomas

Former Professor

A teacher for 11 years with multiple classes each year , all with a wait list, Thomas was on track to tenure. Thomas was fired when a white student complained about his frequent use of profanity and the exhibition of graphic images depicting a lynching in connection with one of his lessons. This is a story about First Amendment Rights and about how one man found himself in the context of his upbringing in Detroit and the music he so loved. Kabin is married to Mary Bort of Chelsea, MI. His children are Olivia Rose and Andrew Wesley. Kabin is author of "The Adventures of Tuba Man."

In his inimitable style, KABIN THOMAS himself offers a brief music lesson at the end of his play along with a brief question and answer period.


Joni Ravenna


Joni met Kabin not long after his firing. The play was soon born. After running at the met, it was extended twice at the Odyssey before touring. 


Joni is an award-winning playwright, TV writer and Journalist. She is also co-author of the book, "You Let Some GIRL Beat You? - The Ann Meyers Drysdale Story." Her articles on health and wellness appear regularly in national and regional newspapers and magazines. See ABOUT THE PLAYWRIGHT for more info.

Some honors and accolades for BEETHOVEN AND MISFORTUNE COOKIES 2013 Extended at the Odyssey Theatre in L.A.

due to critical acclaim.


2014 Optioned by Woodie King, Jr. for his storied Federal Theatre in NYC 2016 New Works of Merit Honoree 2019

OC Centric Festival Headliner

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