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"There is little more satisfying than a story in which a seemingly insignificant line or circumstance that develops the character turns out to be an integral piece of the plot. Like Beethoven's great structural masterpieces, Ravenna has written a play wherein motifs and refrains underscore the integrity of the work as a whole."

- Sheana Ochoa, SLAM/GoodReads

"BEETHOVEN AND MISFORTUNE COOKIES teaches you to take the sour notes in life and tweak them in your favor."

- Shari Barrett, Broadway World


"Exquisite!  One of the best and most profoundly cultural shows offered to Los Angeles theater-goers this season."

- Bonnie Priever, LA Musical Theatre Examiner


"Spellbinding! Had me on the edge of my seat. I loved the fine writing of this one-man show. Ravenna gives us a jigsaw puzzle and made all the pieces fit by the end. She lapses and collapses time and Harden made it all flow seamlessly... His performance is a wonder to watch."

- Audrey Linden, Hollywood Examiner


"The play explores race, censorship, family, and the question everyone asks themselves at some point: Who am I?"

- Matt Harris, Tolucan Times



- Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros,

"A riveting play...Masterful, with a breathtaking solo performance by Rayshawn Chism."
- Michelle Knowlden,  WordPress

"At our annual new works festival, we welcomed the chance to present a story about academic freedom, Black identity, and a man's journey to redefine himself while also accepting himself. Rayshawn is such an engaging and powerful actor, and Allison's graceful direction really allowed him to flourish."

 - Eric Eberwein, co-producer, OC-centric New Play Festival (Chapman University - Orange, CA)

"A powerful Black Lives Matter play," 

- Bernadette Armstrong, Open-Door Playhouse, North Hollywood

"Beethoven and Misfortune Cookies was a meaningful and relevant play included in Virtual Theatre: Stories of Color produced by The Grok Acting Studio and The Rose Theater Foundation for the Arts. The play pronounces deep truths that we see occurring in our society today, and should be given attention to help raise awareness of these cultural issues."

- Sean Rose, The Grok Studio & Rose Foundation 

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TOP 6 PICKS nationwide  Six Picks | Collins Center for the Arts

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Amir Abdulla

Kabin Thomas

Kabin Thomas

Ernest Harden, jr.

Rayshawn Chism

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